America's Fight Against Childhood Obesity

The past three decades have led to such an overwhelming rise in child obesity that the number of obese kids has tripled across the nation. A number of factors have led to this new health scare, including increased availability for cheap fast and processed foods, limited access to affordable healthy alternatives, increased sedentary lifestyles due to television and video games, cutbacks in physical education and school gym activities, and land hoarding and usage decisions which discourage physical activity. Fortunately, some national movements are getting involved to make the health and welfare of our kids paramount once again: 
What Does the Current Child Obesity Problem Mean for the Future?

Over 25 million kids are currently diagnosed as obese. Mental issues attack the younger crowd and materialize in low self esteem, lack of confidence, and social anxiety. The bodily health implications of obesity in younger ages are terrifying. Obese youths have higher risks of asthma, high blood pressure, raised cholesterol, diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain, bone loss, and various types of cancer. But it’s not just adolescents or teens who add to the problem. Research claims that 17 percent of kids aged 2 to 9 are obese, while almost 32 percent of the same age group are considered to be overweight . Obesity rates kids aged 6 to 11 have quadrupled in the past three decades, and the rate has tripled among adolescents  ages 12 to 19 in the past four decades.

The trouble here is that many of those children are products of lower-income families who have limited access to proper nutrition and healthcare. Low-income families often lack limited access to the outdoor activities, sports equipment, and safe physical outlets needed to prevent excessive weight gain and health problems. Long-term effects of childhood obesity include higher risks for being obese in adulthood. And once that occurs, risks increase for health issues such as stroke, kidney failure, cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and heart disease  .

How Is America Stepping Up to the Plate to Curb Child Obesity?

Americans spend an average of $150 billion annually to treat obesity-related health concerns, so various organizations have joined the fight to educate, provide research, and offer various fitness outlets to those who need the assistance. The American Heart Association  provides continual studies, free information, and guidelines to reduce and eliminate obesity through physical activity. The best way to do this is by incorporating 60 minutes of vigorous activity into your child’s schedule every day.

Michelle Obama organized “Let’s Move!” as an initiative to equip parents with essential skills to reduce poor lifestyle choices. The program provides healthy food, physical outlet options, and access to physical education equipment for all who are willing to be involved in reducing childhood obesity.

The National Recreation and Park Association  provides ongoing free information regarding the benefits of fitness and proper nutrition. They also continually offer safe and effective walking, hiking, and bike trails. Many state parks are free, and those that normally do charge admission have at least one day per year where they’re totally free to enjoy.

The Alliance's Youth Advisory Board recognizes advancements in high level research. It’s also encouraged the participation of youth across America by honoring adolescent and teen school leaders who are committed to supporting their school mates without reservation and working toward reversing child obesity once and for all.

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