Cool Outdoor Obstacle Courses

Summer is a welcome break from the rigors of school... and it's a great opportunity for kids to pick up some new healthy habits through fun warm weather activities. Even kids who aren’t into traditional team sports want a outlet for their abundance of energy. And that's where the obstacle course comes in. All you need is patience, space, basic outdoor equipment, and a plan.

Obstacle Course Basics

Obstacle courses first originated as a an Olympic game competition in Ancient Greece, and It evolved to be used extensively in military training . Obstacle races have more recently emerged as an extreme activity often pairing tough guys and gals against each other in mud races and other extreme outdoor adventures. While that’s fun and challenging for adults, obstacle courses for kids are a little less intense.

A fun obstacle course involves outdoor games that fit the space provided (and the mood of the group or venue) and challenge the participants enough to burn energy without making anyone feel bullied or embarrassed about their personal fitness level. Churches, summer camps, schools, recreation centers, and even private residences can create great obstacle courses for a few kids to a large group with little to no previous experience. As long as the open space is available and you’re determined enough to organize outdoor games and activity stations, everyone involved will have a blast.

Obstacle Course Checklist

An obstacle course can be as basic or as challenging as your imagination and budget allow. You can recycle existing athletic and recreational equipment to create fun games or buy completely new kits just for the special event. Some of the most entertaining obstacle courses are created with items you have on hand:  stuffed animals, old tires, chairs, crawl tubes, balance beams, balloons, sleeping bags, and jump ropes can all lead to great game ideas. Sports equipment you have on hand – soccer balls, football helmets, hockey sticks, etc – can be incorporated as well. You’ll still need some basic organizational equipment, however, such as obstacle poles, traffic cones, and barriers.

Some common obstacle course favorites include tire runs, balance beam crawl, timed ball dribble, water balloon races, and bag hops. Races through wading pools or sprinklers can cause everyone to catch a case of the giggles at the end of a hot day. Crab walk competitions, rope swinging over pools full of whipped cream, jello, water, or balloons, and even foot races in which competitors are dressed in crazy costumes can lead to years of positive memories for all.

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