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  • The Dangers Facing Referees

    Sadly, the violence that dominates the daily news has made its way onto our athletic fields. Outdoor games are meant to be fun, but a dangerous trend has emerged. Once respected referees, the overseers of good sportsmanship, have come under attack from angry players and disgruntled fans. Continue reading

  • America's Fight Against Childhood Obesity

    The past three decades have led to such an overwhelming rise in child obesity that the number of obese kids has tripled across the nation. A number of factors have led to this new health scare, including increased availability for cheap fast and processed foods, limited access to affordable healthy alternatives, increased sedentary lifestyles due to television and video games, cutbacks in physical education and school gym activities, and land hoarding and usage decisions which discourage physical activity. Fortunately, some national movements are getting involved to make the health and welfare of our kids paramount once again:  Continue reading

  • What is the FIFA Women's World Cup?

    Summer is a favorite season, especially for soccer fans. Kids across the country pull out their soccer equipment and dust off their cleats in preparation of practice and group fun. Parents and coaches collaborate to get teams together and ensure the sports equipment lockers are stocked and ready to go. But soccer fun goes far beyond kid play and potential coaching gigs. As FIFA fans know, women’s soccer is a non-stop roller coaster of emotional energy and excitement, and nothing proves that more than the current excitement over the FIFA Women's World Cup.  Continue reading

  • How to Enroll Your Child in Youth Soccer

    Youth soccer is one of the most popular sports in the U.S. In 1974, about 103,432 American kids participated in recreational soccer. In 2014, nearly 3.1 million U.S. children were playing! Getting your child involved in this fun, beneficial sport is easy - here's what you need to know:  Continue reading

  • Are Hockey Fans the Most Loyal of Them All?

    Every sport has its own unique history and rule book, and hockey is certainly among them. What sets hockey apart, however, is its special fan following and the general mood surrounding those associated with the sport. Few things are as impressive as a player decked out in full-on hockey equipment: sticks, pucks, skates, gated masks, and padding. And then there's the sheer rawness of the game. At a live ice hockey game, the air just seems to crackle with energy. Bottom line: hockey fans are among the most eccentric sports fans on the planet. Continue reading

  • Summer Sports for Kids

    For kids, summer is full of promise. For their parents, the season comes with worries of the expenses and injuries sometimes associated with summer sports. But with a few common-sense tips, you and your kids can enjoy the summer of your lives.

    Continue reading

  • Rope Climbing for Fitness

    If the only thing standing between you and safety was a rope, would you be fit enough to save yourself? Rope climbing required strength and endurance. And that's why it's a fabulous way to improve your fitness. Continue reading

  • Tennis: Singles vs. Doubles

    The world's fourth favorite sport, with a fan base of 1 billion, is tennis. In the U.S., the sport comes in at No. 6 (right behind the top ball sports, just ahead of golf). More than 12 million Americans play tennis on an annual basis, with loads of new beginners every year. One of their first questions: should I take up singles tennis or doubles tennis?

    Continue reading

  • How to Build a Home Gym

    When it comes to fitness, we all have good intentions. But sometimes, getting into the habit of working out is the biggest obstacle to getting into better shape. Whether you’re shooting for a better body or just a healthier lifestyle, you’ll want your new routine to fit comfortably into your daily life. And what could be more convenient than working out at home? Here, you’ll find helpful tips for creating a home gym so you have no excuse to work out. Continue reading

  • Most-Needed Equipment for Coaches and Referees

    Sports, equipment, players, coaches, and referees. Participating in sports boosts mental, physical, and social skills, and motivates participants to meet new challenges year after year. You can train your kids from morning until night, stick them in the most expensive schools, and hook them up with first-rate sports equipment. But if they don’t have proper coaching or the right referees, it's all for naught. Good coaches and refs are worth their weight in gold. They keep the teams motivated, honest, competent, and properly equipped. And they, too, require high-quality sports equipment. But what exactly is standard gear in a coach’s or referee’s arsenal? Continue reading

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