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  • America's Fight Against Childhood Obesity

    The past three decades have led to such an overwhelming rise in child obesity that the number of obese kids has tripled across the nation. A number of factors have led to this new health scare, including increased availability for cheap fast and processed foods, limited access to affordable healthy alternatives, increased sedentary lifestyles due to television and video games, cutbacks in physical education and school gym activities, and land hoarding and usage decisions which discourage physical activity. Fortunately, some national movements are getting involved to make the health and welfare of our kids paramount once again:  Continue reading

  • How to Build a Home Gym

    When it comes to fitness, we all have good intentions. But sometimes, getting into the habit of working out is the biggest obstacle to getting into better shape. Whether you’re shooting for a better body or just a healthier lifestyle, you’ll want your new routine to fit comfortably into your daily life. And what could be more convenient than working out at home? Here, you’ll find helpful tips for creating a home gym so you have no excuse to work out. Continue reading

  • Martial Arts 101


    Martial Arts have been practiced and perfected for centuries. Grand Master Jhoon Rhee introduced his version of Korean Martial Arts to the U.S. in 1956. In 1961, the nation's first karate school opened in Dallas, Texas. Today, children and adults of all ages have embraced the ancient practice. Before you or your children begin karate, know what sort of training equipment you can expect to find at the typical studio or dojo. Continue reading

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