Tennis: Fitness for Beginners

Tennis is a great way to stay in shape. Whether just starting (or just starting again), understanding the fundamentals will help you make the most of your time on the tennis court.

The Rules of Tennis

Game. Set. Match. The rules are tennis are fairly easy to follow. Each game starts on with zero (love) scoring. The game can be won by 40 points. A tie is called a deuce and must be broken by two points. Winning six games usually means you've won.

The Tennis Court

A tennis court has two sides separated by a single net. On each side of that net is the deuce (left) side, an ad (right) side, and bounds or alleys. The server stands opposite the opposing player. The goal is to serve the ball and volley it back and forth to try to earn a point by landing within the opposing player’s baselines or sideline. Play is in motion until someone makes an error, and then the ball is served again.

Tennis Lessons

Beginners can benefit from either individual or group tennis lessons. Group lessons are especially good for those who are out of shape, as there is more attention given to form, fundamentals, and technique.

Warm-ups and stretching should be done before arriving at the court so the lesson can be focused on learning the game. Players should wear tennis shoes with ankle supports and two pairs of socks (or padded tennis socks). And, of course, each participant needs a tennis racquet (your instructor can help you select the best one).


The Serve
Do not arch your back while serving. Instead, raise heels and bend those knees to keep the body balanced. Be careful about landing on the balls of your feet. Doing so can lead to tendinitis. Wearing and tearing of the plantar fascia is especially common. The condition, known as plantar fasciitis, is often unbearably painful and is caused by overworking the bottom of the feet. Rest and proper footwear based on your personal foot gait can help offset any issues before they arise.

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