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Track & Field Equipment

Founded over 50 years ago by a national high jump champion, Wolverine Sports continues its excellence in providing schools, teams and individuals with only the best track and field equipment at competitive prices! Choose from our large selection of high jump and vaulting equipment, batons, hurdles, starter’s pistols, starting blocks, track spikes and more! Our inventory is complete with finish line tape, judge’s stands, distance markers and lane cones... to make a long story short, we have it all!

Jumping & Vaulting Event Equipment

Standards, pits, pit covers, crossbars, vault boxes, lids and poles...

Running Events & Cross Country

Batons, Hurdles, Competitors' Numbers, Cross Country Equipment, Starter's Pistols & Equipment, Starting Blocks, Track Spikes...

Throwing Events

Shot, Discus & Javelin

Track & Field Coaching Aids

Meet Record Cards, Books, Videos, Score Books, Rule Books, Whistles, Lanyards, Megaphones...

Track & Field Accessories

Certification equipment, finish line tape, judge's stand, judges/inspector's flags, measuring wheels & tapes, distance markers, lane cones...

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