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Gym & Outdoor Games

Build a diverse physical education program by incorporating Wolverine Sports’ wide variety of indoor and outdoor games into your lesson plans. Designed to encourage physical activity, coordination, healthy competition and teamwork, our games are always a hit with teachers, parents and students!

Activity Kits

Playground & Recess Packs, Field day kits, jump ropes packs, flag football kits...

Balance and Coordination Games

Balance Beams & Ropes, Balance Platforms/Walkers etc., Hula Hoops, Juggling, Jump Ropes, Jumpers, Pogo Sticks, Speed Stack®, Stilts, Trampolines, Tinikling Poles,Versa-Beams™...

Hopping & Jumping Games

Potato Sacks, Hop Balls, Jumpers, Tinikling Poles, Jump Ropes, Trampolines, Pogo Sticks...

Indoor Games

Arcade Style Games, Bean Bags and Bean Bag Games, Bowling, Foam Dice, Hoops & Accessories, Inflatable Games, Multi-Domes™ & Activities, Play Tunnels, Roll-Out Games, Shuffleboard, Tabletop Games

Outdoor Games & Activities

Bocce, Croquet, Disc Golf and Frisbees®, Flag Football, Inflatable Games, Kickball, Multi-Domes™ & Activities, Orienteering, Parachutes, Play Tunnels, Shuffleboard, Tetherball, Tug-Of-War

Paddle & Racquet Games

Colored Paddles, Foam Paddles, Wood Paddles, Paddle Games, Paddle Balls, Pickle-Ball, Badminton, Tennis, Ping Ping...

Toss and Catch Games

Ring Toss, Foxtails, Fling Socks, Horseshoes, Lasso Golf, Peg Toss, Scoop Toss, Stick-Ums Velcro® Catch Game, Misc. Toss Games

Xavix® Game Console


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