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  • How to Build a Home Gym

    When it comes to fitness, we all have good intentions. But sometimes, getting into the habit of working out is the biggest obstacle to getting into better shape. Whether you’re shooting for a better body or just a healthier lifestyle, you’ll want your new routine to fit comfortably into your daily life. And what could be more convenient than working out at home? Here, you’ll find helpful tips for creating a home gym so you have no excuse to work out. Continue reading

  • Most-Needed Equipment for Coaches and Referees

    Sports, equipment, players, coaches, and referees. Participating in sports boosts mental, physical, and social skills, and motivates participants to meet new challenges year after year. You can train your kids from morning until night, stick them in the most expensive schools, and hook them up with first-rate sports equipment. But if they don’t have proper coaching or the right referees, it's all for naught. Good coaches and refs are worth their weight in gold. They keep the teams motivated, honest, competent, and properly equipped. And they, too, require high-quality sports equipment. But what exactly is standard gear in a coach’s or referee’s arsenal? Continue reading

  • Little League Baseball Scandals Continue

    The media have shared countless examples of cheating, bribery and general bad behavior among professional, and even collegiate, athletes. When the ugliness touches our kids, however, we become a little more sensitive to the influence of sports on future generations. The Little League World Series broke our hearts, but it won't break our spirit or our determination to preserve the game of baseball for our children. Continue reading

  • 5 Best Spring Sports

    Budding athletes at every age dream of reaching the big time through their favorite sport. Yet, one cannot climb Mt. Everest without first being able to walk around the block. Summer and winter seasons contain some kids' most popular sports for kids to consider, but spring offers some fantastic options, too! Like these:   Continue reading

  • What Is the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup?

    Sports are serious business and hold an essential place in American culture. While few sports have been created on American soil, most have adapted with modern sports equipment or been adjusted to the desires and demands of the national residents. Forty percent of Americans still say football is their favorite sport to watch, but 8 percent openly lean toward soccer as their main vice. Soccer’s popularity in the states grew by 300 percent from 1974 – 2014 and shows no signs of slowing. Add the fact that young adults between the ages of 19 and 29 are 10 times more likely to play soccer than any other age group, and it’s pretty clear the nation is looking at a potential new sport to shadow American football as the national pastime. Professional soccer matches, such as the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, help the sport gain new enthusiasts and players annually. But what is the Lamar Hunt Open Cup and why is it such a big deal?

    Continue reading

  • How Sports Balls Are Made

    You dribble, pass, hit, serve, and slam. But how much do you really know about that pigskin or vinyl? Chances are you have a crate, locker, closet, or room somewhere in your home stocked with physical education equipment and a variety of sports balls: baseballs, footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs. Have you ever wondered how those balls came to be? We're here to tell you. Continue reading

  • 4 Classic Baseball Blunders

    Americans are obsessed with sports of all kinds, but the nation's proudest pastimes is baseball. There’s just something about pouring into the stands, waiting for the charge call, and watching nine innings of the best game ever invented. Even overpriced hot dogs, stale popcorn, and flat beer can’t take away from the joy the game brings to true fans. If anything, it all just adds to the experience. The players are paid to be as professional as the fans demand, but sometimes they’re not all that well-behaved.  When sports equipment and giant egos are involved, you’re bound to find monumental errors in judgment that make your own mistakes look like child’s play. Just check out these classic baseball blunders: Continue reading

  • Playing Lacrosse: What Equipment Will Your Kids Need?

    When Americans think of popular school sports, the first things that come to mind are basketball, football, hockey, soccer, volleyball, and track. After all, what sports-minded kid doesn't have a houseful of the the essential physical education equipment required for those activities? Yet, parents-in-the-know are aware of another sport sweeping the American landscape: lacrosse. Continue reading

  • Organize the Best School Field Day Ever

    For many children, school is the bane of their existence. Nearly every kid, however, has at least one favorite class or activity (gym, sports, recess) that makes the daily requirement somewhat bearable. Getting out in the fresh air with friends and fun physical education equipment for an hour or more can do wonders for getting through an otherwise humdrum day. Even if gym and sports aren't your kid’s thing, chances are the excitement builds for field day. So what exactly is field day anyway? Continue reading

  • Martial Arts 101


    Martial Arts have been practiced and perfected for centuries. Grand Master Jhoon Rhee introduced his version of Korean Martial Arts to the U.S. in 1956. In 1961, the nation's first karate school opened in Dallas, Texas. Today, children and adults of all ages have embraced the ancient practice. Before you or your children begin karate, know what sort of training equipment you can expect to find at the typical studio or dojo. Continue reading

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