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  • Security Measures for Your School’s Safety

    elementary school building

    Not too long ago, schools had relatively few security measures in place. Visitors were able to come and go as they pleased, with no identification or check-ins required. Today, stricter measures are becoming necessary, and schools across America must adapt. Here are a few recommended practices your school can easily implement to increase the safety of students and staff. (All statistics are courtesy of the National Center for Education Statistics)

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  • Workouts to Increase Your Team’s Hitting Power

    Workouts to increase hitting power

    By now, every baseball fan has seen highlights from rookie sensation Aaron Judge’s debut in the Home Run Derby. The Yankee All-Star hit 4 of his 47 homeruns over 500 feet, becoming the first rookie ever to win the Derby. His performance dazzled and inspired every young baseball player in the country.

    Unfortunately, when most inexperienced players try to hit harder, they just think it’s just a matter of swinging harder. When people try to simply swing harder, they often lose their form and control, two key elements in a powerful swing. To get your players to hit harder, it all starts in the weight room during the offseason. Increasing lower body and core strength is essential in adding more “pop” to a swing. Check out our favorite workouts to target both of those areas!

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  • ANSI Vest and Jacket Regulations: What Do They Mean?


    In Michigan, and most other northern states, summer is known for two things: Beautiful weather and construction. Since there is such a small window of opportunity to get these construction projects done, workers are often on the job until well past sundown. For late night, long-term projects like this, you need to make sure all of your workers are safely outfitted. To ensure the proper equipment is being used, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sets guidelines for everything from livestock production to construction equipment. Continue reading

  • Quick Drills to Help Improve Your Basketball Handling

    The offseason is the perfect time to have your players work on specific aspects of their game. Though it may be difficult for them to find people to play with during the summer, dribbling is one aspect of basketball that they can work on solo. On top of that, only a few items are needed to be able to run a collection of ball handling drills. Below are a handful of examples, in order from least difficult to most, along with the requisite tools. Have your players try them out! Continue reading

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