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  • 3 Tips to Turn Your Gym Into a Yoga Studio

    Are you looking for a change of pace in your physical education lesson plan? Yoga is a great activity to help switch things up for your students! Yoga can be great for healing and strengthening student's muscles, while giving them a venue to let go of daily stress. Keep reading for our 3 tips on how to turn your gym class into a yoga studio! Continue reading

  • Workouts to Increase Your Team’s Hitting Power

    Workouts to increase hitting power

    By now, every baseball fan has seen highlights from rookie sensation Aaron Judge’s debut in the Home Run Derby. The Yankee All-Star hit 4 of his 47 homeruns over 500 feet, becoming the first rookie ever to win the Derby. His performance dazzled and inspired every young baseball player in the country.

    Unfortunately, when most inexperienced players try to hit harder, they just think it’s just a matter of swinging harder. When people try to simply swing harder, they often lose their form and control, two key elements in a powerful swing. To get your players to hit harder, it all starts in the weight room during the offseason. Increasing lower body and core strength is essential in adding more “pop” to a swing. Check out our favorite workouts to target both of those areas!

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  • Gymnastics for Beginners

    When people think of competitive sports that can lead to a lifelong career, gymnastics doesn’t often rise to the top of the list. However, consider the best sports for little ones just beginning their fitness routines, and it’s hard to ignore the ease of tumbling equipment and the benefits found through childhood flexibility. Kids are far more flexible than adults, and flexibility is a key component in many youth activities for this reason . As we age, sedentary or otherwise inactive lifestyles affect our body’s ability to maintain muscular elasticity. Incorporating proper gym equipment can help, but tight hamstrings and tendons are controlled by our nervous system, and that’s something we simply can’t force without causing serious potential health problems. Hence the power of early age gymnastics.  Continue reading

  • Cool Outdoor Obstacle Courses

    Summer is a welcome break from the rigors of school... and it's a great opportunity for kids to pick up some new healthy habits through fun warm weather activities. Even kids who aren’t into traditional team sports want a outlet for their abundance of energy. And that's where the obstacle course comes in. All you need is patience, space, basic outdoor equipment, and a plan.

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  • Indoor Fitness: Stationary Bike and Elliptical

    Busy work schedules, getting kids to and from their activities, and sudden or unexpected weather changes can really get in the way of your plans for outside exercise. Indoor activities are often more challenging, but they don’t have to be. The American Heart Association recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise and 75 minutes of vigorous exercise weekly. This equates to 45 minutes of activity, 5 days per week. An easy way to track your progress and achieve that goal is to simply move your outdoor activities inside.

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  • America's Fight Against Childhood Obesity

    The past three decades have led to such an overwhelming rise in child obesity that the number of obese kids has tripled across the nation. A number of factors have led to this new health scare, including increased availability for cheap fast and processed foods, limited access to affordable healthy alternatives, increased sedentary lifestyles due to television and video games, cutbacks in physical education and school gym activities, and land hoarding and usage decisions which discourage physical activity. Fortunately, some national movements are getting involved to make the health and welfare of our kids paramount once again:  Continue reading

  • Rope Climbing for Fitness

    If the only thing standing between you and safety was a rope, would you be fit enough to save yourself? Rope climbing required strength and endurance. And that's why it's a fabulous way to improve your fitness. Continue reading

  • How to Build a Home Gym

    When it comes to fitness, we all have good intentions. But sometimes, getting into the habit of working out is the biggest obstacle to getting into better shape. Whether you’re shooting for a better body or just a healthier lifestyle, you’ll want your new routine to fit comfortably into your daily life. And what could be more convenient than working out at home? Here, you’ll find helpful tips for creating a home gym so you have no excuse to work out. Continue reading

  • Martial Arts 101


    Martial Arts have been practiced and perfected for centuries. Grand Master Jhoon Rhee introduced his version of Korean Martial Arts to the U.S. in 1956. In 1961, the nation's first karate school opened in Dallas, Texas. Today, children and adults of all ages have embraced the ancient practice. Before you or your children begin karate, know what sort of training equipment you can expect to find at the typical studio or dojo. Continue reading

  • 3 Fun Fitness Solutions for Every Budget

    Fitness activity is essential to overall health, but it can be difficult to build better health habits. It takes three weeks, on average, for most people to develop a new habit. For those who fall of the wagon a lot, fitness goals can seem to fail even before they begin. But there’s a simple trick to increasing your chances of developing a new fitness habit. Make it fun. Set aside some time to play with three innovative gym equipment solutions:
    Poly Push-Up Mats

    Push-ups are great exercises for whole-body strengthening, but it can take years to learn perfect form. Kids, for example, can do several at once and without much effort, but they tend to have trouble remembering to keep the back straight and avoid sticking the butt up in the air (which does nothing to build the core). And, of course, if they do manage to perform the exercise correctly, injury can occur without warning. Fortunately, Poly Push-Up Mats can easily change all of that.

    These slip-free mats are simple but oh-so-effective. Hand placements offer three different widths for various ages and strength abilities. The kids simply get into plank pose, place their hands on the correct outline, and lower their bodies. A block of foam in the center of the mat acts as a training guide. As their chests hit the blocks, they return to starting position. Hands stay secure and proper form is achieved.

    Hot Spots Exercise Spots

    Hot Spots are a unique and fun new way to keep your group or class active and organized in an array of different activities. Each set includes a dozen anti-slip 8-1/2-inch rubber disks that act as floor guides for group play or organized fitness needs. Each disk offers a different suggestion, exercise, or pose and works as the perfect group circuit station. The activity choices are practically endless with this activity and can be combined or built from basic physical education equipment. Some of the more popular options include yoga,Pilates, jumping rope, core exercises, arm work, cardio, exercise ball, and partner work.Exercise spots help develop social skills, strength, endurance, flexibility, and improve overall body conditioning.

    Climbing Wall Equipment

    Few physical activities come close to providing the emotional and physical benefits of climbing walls. Huge structures can be found in fitness clubs, public gyms, schools and recreational centers. Of course, not all facilities have the space or budget for enormous wall-length equipment. Entire whole structure climbing walls can range between 8- and 30-feet high, or they can be sold in panels and set up wherever you have room. They can even fit relatively easily into your personal residence.

    Climbing walls are designed to emulate rock climbing conditions one would find in nature. While indoor use of these walls won’t offer anywhere near the risks of falling to your death from a cliff or mountain, injuries can still occur easily if safety procedures aren’t taken. Properly constructed frames and resin handholds are standard in all wall options. Safety harnesses must be used correctly for larger professional-style walls. This specific activity should also be performed with a group while a trainer or safety guide ensures everyone continues having fun and avoids unnecessary injuries.

    The right equipment can make all the difference in your fitness results. And they don’t have to drain your bank account or require hours of setup just to try them out. Use your head, space, budget and lifestyle needs to choose your perfect exercise solution. Then just see how even small but fun changes affect your health goals.

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