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  • Gymnastics for Beginners

    When people think of competitive sports that can lead to a lifelong career, gymnastics doesn’t often rise to the top of the list. However, consider the best sports for little ones just beginning their fitness routines, and it’s hard to ignore the ease of tumbling equipment and the benefits found through childhood flexibility. Kids are far more flexible than adults, and flexibility is a key component in many youth activities for this reason . As we age, sedentary or otherwise inactive lifestyles affect our body’s ability to maintain muscular elasticity. Incorporating proper gym equipment can help, but tight hamstrings and tendons are controlled by our nervous system, and that’s something we simply can’t force without causing serious potential health problems. Hence the power of early age gymnastics.  Continue reading

  • Cool Outdoor Obstacle Courses

    Summer is a welcome break from the rigors of school... and it's a great opportunity for kids to pick up some new healthy habits through fun warm weather activities. Even kids who aren’t into traditional team sports want a outlet for their abundance of energy. And that's where the obstacle course comes in. All you need is patience, space, basic outdoor equipment, and a plan.

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  • Ultimate Frisbee 101

    When people think of summertime fun, many minds focus on a specific warm-weather activity for the whole family: Frisbee, the name given to Wham-O’s flying disc toys in 1957. Originally, flying discs were made of wood and created around the nation’s obsession with UFOs. By the early 1950s, the material changed to plastic and Wham-O took over on the manufacturing end. In the early and mid-1960s, the nation was consumed by single and paired play with the inexpensive disc toys. The sport took on a whole new look by the end of the decade with the birth of Ultimate Frisbee. But what’s so ultimate about it and how exactly does it differ from the original purpose of the game? Continue reading

  • Miniature Golf: Just for Kids?

    While golf has been a popular sport in Europe since the 15th century, the first golf course in America wasn’t created until the end of the 19th century. The game has evolved from its primitive roots to become one of America's favorite sports, as reflected by the $23 billion industry’s 10,752 clubs and courses across the nation. The formal game of golf doesn't appeal to everyone… that's why there's miniature golf. Continue reading

  • What is the FIFA Women's World Cup?

    Summer is a favorite season, especially for soccer fans. Kids across the country pull out their soccer equipment and dust off their cleats in preparation of practice and group fun. Parents and coaches collaborate to get teams together and ensure the sports equipment lockers are stocked and ready to go. But soccer fun goes far beyond kid play and potential coaching gigs. As FIFA fans know, women’s soccer is a non-stop roller coaster of emotional energy and excitement, and nothing proves that more than the current excitement over the FIFA Women's World Cup.  Continue reading

  • Summer Sports for Kids

    For kids, summer is full of promise. For their parents, the season comes with worries of the expenses and injuries sometimes associated with summer sports. But with a few common-sense tips, you and your kids can enjoy the summer of your lives.

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  • 5 Best Spring Sports

    Budding athletes at every age dream of reaching the big time through their favorite sport. Yet, one cannot climb Mt. Everest without first being able to walk around the block. Summer and winter seasons contain some kids' most popular sports for kids to consider, but spring offers some fantastic options, too! Like these:   Continue reading

  • Martial Arts 101


    Martial Arts have been practiced and perfected for centuries. Grand Master Jhoon Rhee introduced his version of Korean Martial Arts to the U.S. in 1956. In 1961, the nation's first karate school opened in Dallas, Texas. Today, children and adults of all ages have embraced the ancient practice. Before you or your children begin karate, know what sort of training equipment you can expect to find at the typical studio or dojo. Continue reading

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