• Keep Warm for Outside Jobs

     School bus in the snow

    As we move deeper into fall and the days get shorter, it becomes increasingly important for outside workers to stay warm on the job. Whether you’re on a school safety squad, a construction worker or in law enforcement, working outside can be dangerous and uncomfortable as it gets colder. That means some early mornings and late nights, with less sunlight and dropping temperatures by the day. If you’re someone who has to work outside this fall and winter, make sure you’re prepared to work in these harsher conditions with Schoolmasters Safety’s must-have winter apparel items.

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  • See And Be Seen with a Powerhat

    Person Running with powerhat lighted hat

    As the days continue to get shorter (and darker), it’s important to make sure you can see and be seen. While flashlights can help with your sight, they don’t really help others see you, and they also require the use of one of your hands. Reflective vests help others see you, but don’t help improve your sight in low light.

    When you need to both light your path and make sure others can see you, no product is better than the Powerhat Lighted Hat. It is made of ANSI rated material with trim that includes four LED lights attached to the brim. Two lights are angled downwards for up-close tasks and two are angled forward. This configuration provides up to forty-two feet of illumination in front of you, all while keeping your hands free for whatever task is at hand.

    Below are a couple of examples of situations where a Powerhat is the perfect tool you need!

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  • Eye Protection in Schools

    Science Kid with Safety Goggles



    According to the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center, over half (55 percent) of eye injuries that occur in the United States happen to those who are under the age of twenty-five.

    These injuries can be especially prevalent in schools, where students are sometimes required to handle dangerous materials and equipment. Students are often reluctant to wear any eye protection, but it is a crucial safety element. The same Kellogg Eye Center study found that ninety percent of eye-related injuries are preventable, and wearing proper protection vastly helps decrease the chances of injury.

    Chemistry is probably the first class that comes to mind when talking about eye protection. Any time a student is experimenting with any dangerous chemicals, eye protection should be used at all times, even during the cleaning process. Chemicals can be unpredictable, so it is important to maintain safety requirements as long as students are around them.

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  • Get Your Parking Lot Ready for the School Year

    Overhead view of parking lot

    Parking lots are amongst the most dangerous areas for any school or business. According to a AAA study, roughly twenty percent of accidents nationwide happen in parking lots. Schools are especially dangerous, with the high volume of traffic before and after class. With the beginning of school approaching, how can you make sure your school’s parking lot is as safe as possible? Continue reading

  • ANSI Vest and Jacket Regulations: What Do They Mean?


    In Michigan, and most other northern states, summer is known for two things: Beautiful weather and construction. Since there is such a small window of opportunity to get these construction projects done, workers are often on the job until well past sundown. For late night, long-term projects like this, you need to make sure all of your workers are safely outfitted. To ensure the proper equipment is being used, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sets guidelines for everything from livestock production to construction equipment. Continue reading

  • How to Manage Crowds During Summer Events

    crowds of peopleWith the summer comes warm weather; and with warm weather comes outdoor events such as parties, festivals and concerts. When events move outside, you may find that it becomes increasingly difficult to corral and organize your crowds. Here are a few tips on how to effectively and safely manage the crowds at your event this summer:

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