• 3 Tips to Turn Your Gym Into a Yoga Studio

    Are you looking for a change of pace in your physical education lesson plan? Yoga is a great activity to help switch things up for your students! Yoga can be great for healing and strengthening student's muscles, while giving them a venue to let go of daily stress. Keep reading for our 3 tips on how to turn your gym class into a yoga studio! Continue reading

  • Make Your School Lockdowns More Efficient

    School Lockdown

    Most schools never have to go through an actual lockdown situation, but it’s important to plan for them to be safe. In the case of a lockdown situation, every moment is critical, so make sure your lockdown procedure is as efficient as possible. If you’re looking to improve upon your procedure, check out Schoolmasters Safety’s tips to making your school lockdown more efficient!

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  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Foam Roll

    Dancers using a foam roller







    Working out is hard enough, let alone having to add recovery exercises before and after you workout. Most people don’t have the time or energy to do what is necessary to keep their bodies healthy and loose. This could lead to more injuries, stress and decreased performance.

    A foam roller is the perfect solution if you are someone who has trouble finding the time or resources to help your body recover. Here are Wolverine Sport’s 4 reasons why you should foam roll!

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  • See And Be Seen with a Powerhat

    Person Running with powerhat lighted hat

    As the days continue to get shorter (and darker), it’s important to make sure you can see and be seen. While flashlights can help with your sight, they don’t really help others see you, and they also require the use of one of your hands. Reflective vests help others see you, but don’t help improve your sight in low light.

    When you need to both light your path and make sure others can see you, no product is better than the Powerhat Lighted Hat. It is made of ANSI rated material with trim that includes four LED lights attached to the brim. Two lights are angled downwards for up-close tasks and two are angled forward. This configuration provides up to forty-two feet of illumination in front of you, all while keeping your hands free for whatever task is at hand.

    Below are a couple of examples of situations where a Powerhat is the perfect tool you need!

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  • Drills to Improve Your Route Running

    Football Player Running

    As a wide receiver, it doesn’t matter how fast or big you are if you can’t run crisp routes—if you run sloppy routes, you likely won’t get open enough for your quarterback to give you looks. While speed and strength are important traits for a receiver, it is just as important to have clean footwork and the ability to accelerate and decelerate on a dime. Here are a couple of drills you can practice to work on those often-overlooked aspects of your game.

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  • Get Your Parking Lot Ready for the School Year

    Overhead view of parking lot

    Parking lots are amongst the most dangerous areas for any school or business. According to a AAA study, roughly twenty percent of accidents nationwide happen in parking lots. Schools are especially dangerous, with the high volume of traffic before and after class. With the beginning of school approaching, how can you make sure your school’s parking lot is as safe as possible? Continue reading

  • Pickleball: How to Play America’s Fastest Growing Sport

    Pickleball SetWhat is Pickleball?

    Pickleball is essentially an equal-parts combination of tennis, badminton and table tennis.

    Nowadays, it is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country.  As of last year, it was estimated that 2 million people play in the United States, with another million expected to pick it up by next year.  This past April, the Pickleball U.S. Open was televised on CBS Sports!

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  • Security Measures for Your School’s Safety

    elementary school building

    Not too long ago, schools had relatively few security measures in place. Visitors were able to come and go as they pleased, with no identification or check-ins required. Today, stricter measures are becoming necessary, and schools across America must adapt. Here are a few recommended practices your school can easily implement to increase the safety of students and staff. (All statistics are courtesy of the National Center for Education Statistics)

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  • Tennis: Singles vs. Doubles

    The world's fourth favorite sport, with a fan base of 1 billion, is tennis. In the U.S., the sport comes in at No. 6 (right behind the top ball sports, just ahead of golf). More than 12 million Americans play tennis on an annual basis, with loads of new beginners every year. One of their first questions: should I take up singles tennis or doubles tennis?

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