Key Items You Need to Host a Cross Country Meet


Cross Country Runners

The fall can be a very busy time for Athletic Directors. Soccer, tennis and football are all sports that require a good deal of attention and coordination. If you are a cross country coach, that unfortunately leaves a lot of pressure on you to make the preparations for a meet or invitational. But don’t fear, Wolverine Sports is here to help with our list of essential items needed for any cross country meet!

Runner Numbers

Even in dual meets, there are still quite a few runners on the course and keeping track of all of them is a must. Assign these runner numbers to each team to hand out to all of their runners. Once they assign a specific number to each of their runners, have coaches report back to you with their lists so you can track each runner as they cross the finish line. This will ensure that you can have the most accurate results possible and no runner should go unnoticed.


Measuring Wheel

It may seem obvious, but one of the most important parts of hosting a cross country meet is making sure your course is the correct distance. If you are hosting a middle school meet, the races are two miles long. For high school meets, races are five kilometers, or three and one tenth miles long. Many coaches will bring their own measuring wheel to double-check the course distance, so make sure you’ve already done that beforehand!


Chute and Finish Line Tape

Especially important for larger invitationals, every cross country meet needs a chute at the finish line to funnel the runners into the finish line. Cross country courses often have large, open spaces, so keeping runners on course is often a challenge. It’s especially important to make sure they are all running to the finish line at the end of the race. The chute will guide and funnel runners towards the finish line, but once there, it can be difficult to determine who won in close races. Having finish line tape strung across the finish line will help you solve that issue, as whoever breaks the tape first is the winner!


Starting Gun

You can’t host a good cross country meet if you aren’t able to actually start the race, so a starting gun is possibly the most important item you can have. With starting guns, you shoot a blank round into the air signifying the start of the race. However, you must have your official’s license in order to purchase a starting gun, so make sure either you or your designated official is properly licensed.

What other items are important for hosting cross country meets? Let us know if we missed anything!


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