Keep Warm for Outside Jobs

 School bus in the snow

As we move deeper into fall and the days get shorter, it becomes increasingly important for outside workers to stay warm on the job. Whether you’re on a school safety squad, a construction worker or in law enforcement, working outside can be dangerous and uncomfortable as it gets colder. That means some early mornings and late nights, with less sunlight and dropping temperatures by the day. If you’re someone who has to work outside this fall and winter, make sure you’re prepared to work in these harsher conditions with Schoolmasters Safety’s must-have winter apparel items.

Stay warm with hi-viz glovesGloves and Hand Warmers

Gloves are an essential item when it starts getting cold outside, especially for those who are working with their hands. Cold and numb hands can lead to accidents on construction sites, so wearing gloves is a safety issue as much as it is a comfort issue. On top of that, outdoor workers need to worry about visibility, as they have to work longer hours with less daylight. Normal colored gloves won’t do the trick for outdoor workers who need to be seen, so try out Schoolmasters Safety’s High Visibility Gloves! They are available in both orange and lime green, and have reflective strips on them to ensure the highest amount of visibility. For someone looking to add some extra warmth for when it starts to get really cold, buy some hand warmers to stick inside of gloves. Simply open the pack and stick them inside a pair of gloves for up to 7 hours of warmth!


Stay warm with a Bomber JacketReflective Jacket

Just like with gloves, outdoor workers need a combination of warmth and reflective material when looking to upgrade their work apparel for colder months. Regular vests won’t cut it anymore, so check out our ANSI-regulated reflective jackets for a warmer option that doesn’t compromise safety! It is perfect for the colder fall months and is waterproof to protect its wearers from the rain and wind. Its hood and side pockets will help keep hands and heads warm, too!

Stay warm with a Fleece BalaclavaBalaclava

Hats and hoods can keep outdoor worker’s heads warm as it gets colder, but they don’t do much to help keep faces warm. As we move closer to the winter, the temperatures will drop and winds get harsher, putting workers in risk of frostbite if their faces aren’t protected. A fleece balaclava is the perfect item to keep warm during the brutal winter months.

What else is essential for outdoor workers to stay warm as it gets colder? Let us know in the comments below!

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