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  • 3 Tips for Early Season Basketball Success

    Highschool Basketball Game

    As a basketball coach, you probably find the beginning of the season the most stressful. You have to deal with kids not being physically or mentally prepared for the season, along with weekly practice and game planning. Because of this, most teams start the season out with sloppy performances and don’t start to hit their stride until conference play begins. The teams that can hit their midseason form quicker can get some much needed nonconference wins and, more importantly, superior confidence heading into conference play. Here are 3 tips to setting your team up for early season success:

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  • Quick Drills to Help Improve Your Basketball Handling

    The offseason is the perfect time to have your players work on specific aspects of their game. Though it may be difficult for them to find people to play with during the summer, dribbling is one aspect of basketball that they can work on solo. On top of that, only a few items are needed to be able to run a collection of ball handling drills. Below are a handful of examples, in order from least difficult to most, along with the requisite tools. Have your players try them out! Continue reading

  • How Sports Balls Are Made

    You dribble, pass, hit, serve, and slam. But how much do you really know about that pigskin or vinyl? Chances are you have a crate, locker, closet, or room somewhere in your home stocked with physical education equipment and a variety of sports balls: baseballs, footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs. Have you ever wondered how those balls came to be? We're here to tell you. Continue reading

  • March Madness 101: Basketball's Biggest Gig

    The month of March brings great things: warmer weather, buds and blooms, green beer and, of course, intense hoards of college basketball fanatics. March Madness extends across the nation, fueling sports fanatics and spurring bracket predictions around countless water coolers. So then, what’s this March Madness thing all about, and why is it a big deal anyway? Continue reading

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