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  • See And Be Seen with a Powerhat

    Person Running with powerhat lighted hat

    As the days continue to get shorter (and darker), it’s important to make sure you can see and be seen. While flashlights can help with your sight, they don’t really help others see you, and they also require the use of one of your hands. Reflective vests help others see you, but don’t help improve your sight in low light.

    When you need to both light your path and make sure others can see you, no product is better than the Powerhat Lighted Hat. It is made of ANSI rated material with trim that includes four LED lights attached to the brim. Two lights are angled downwards for up-close tasks and two are angled forward. This configuration provides up to forty-two feet of illumination in front of you, all while keeping your hands free for whatever task is at hand.

    Below are a couple of examples of situations where a Powerhat is the perfect tool you need!

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  • Drills to Improve Your Route Running

    Football Player Running

    As a wide receiver, it doesn’t matter how fast or big you are if you can’t run crisp routes—if you run sloppy routes, you likely won’t get open enough for your quarterback to give you looks. While speed and strength are important traits for a receiver, it is just as important to have clean footwork and the ability to accelerate and decelerate on a dime. Here are a couple of drills you can practice to work on those often-overlooked aspects of your game.

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