3 Tips to Turn Your Gym Into a Yoga Studio

Are you looking for a change of pace in your physical education lesson plan? Yoga is a great activity to help switch things up for your students! Yoga can be great for healing and strengthening student's muscles, while giving them a venue to let go of daily stress. Keep reading for our 3 tips on how to turn your gym class into a yoga studio!

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

Although you don’t need a studio to do yoga, there are a few key items that can help you match the environment as much as possible. For starters, you need to get good mats for every student. Yoga is all about keeping your body comfortable and limber, so practicing directly on the hard and slippery gym floor is counterintuitive. Yoga blocks are an important item to provide for your students, and are something you will find in every professional yoga studio. Yoga blocks are important for both beginners who lack the flexibility for certain poses and more seasoned yogis who have moved on to advanced poses. And for times when a student may be struggling with a pose, or if they have sore muscles, a yoga strap is a must-have item. Yoga straps help stretch tight areas while keeping your body alignment sound.

Make sure that after every yoga session, you make your students wipe down their equipment with sanitation wipes!

Make the Environment as Calm as Possible

Professional yoga studios not only have all the items you need to practice, but they also have a peaceful and quiet environment which is vital. Yoga isn’t just about the physical element of the practice, but also the mental element. Transforming your gym area into a more peaceful place is important to give your students the full experience of a yoga studio. Doing simple things such as dimming the lights and playing some soft, calming music can make a huge difference in getting your students into a more relaxed state.

Get Some Direction

If you want to turn your gym into a professional yoga studio, the biggest thing you may be missing is the direction from a professional yoga instructor. Buying some yoga instruction videos can be a good alternative. Choose some of your favorite poses, and incorporate them into your gym class routine. After a while, you may even be able to develop your own routine and lead your students!

What else would you need to turn your gym class into a yoga studio? Let us know in the comments below!

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